How Our Pitch Marking System Works

The Quick Pitch pitch marking system is made up of individual units which house retractable flexible boundary tape to mark out the lines of various sports. Each kit includes either one, two, four or six units. Each unit contains 60 yards (54 metres) of marker tape. Every ten yards there is a black mark so you know exactly what sized pitch you are making.

There are ten bridge pegs per unit and one handle per kit. All the parts that make up the Quick Pitch kit are custom-made and specially designed so that a wide range of sports can benefit from the product.

Using the Quick Pitch pitch marking system
Pulling the tape from the unit

1. Pull

Roll out the line tape from the tape dispenser.

Pegging the tape to the ground

2. Peg

Secure the tape with the pegs, or on artificial surfaces, with sandbags

Playing a match with the Quick Pitch system

3. Play

Enjoy playing on your Quick Pitch.

Using the Quick Pitch pitch marking system

Great for a Variety of Sports

No matter what size pitch you want to mark out Quick Pitch has got you covered. Multiple units can be connected to each other to measure out any size of pitch, from the smallest to the largest. You can make one complete straight long touchline or a perfect right angle by using the side connecting sections.

The sleek modular design of the Quick Pitch marking system makes the product so versatile it can be used for a wide range of activities and accepted on all levels. It’s lightweight, easy to set up and suitable for match day, training or recreational use. You can add to the size of your pitch by linking units together or make it smaller by retracting the boundary tape using the winding mechanism

Net Sports Kit

A single Quick Pitch kit is great for net sports like badminton, volleyball and tennis.

Small Sided Games

This two unit kit is ideal for smaller pitches for sports like football, rugby, American football, field hockey and as a training square.

Larger Sided Games

Our four unit kit is perfect for larger pitches to suit sports like football, rugby, American football, field hockey, baseball, rounders or as cricket boundaries and training squares.

Full Sized Games

Our largest six unit kit is aimed at sports academies and multi-sport coaches. Full-sized pitches for most sports can be created using six Quick Pitch units.