Our Story

Quick Pitch was born out of love for all sports, and after many years of playing or watching a variety of sports it became clear that the best way to mark out the boundary lines for a pitch wasn’t by using cones or other marking techniques. It was by having actual lines to play within that are clearly visible and accurate every time.

In our quest to make the perfect pitch marking product we have worked alongside the global leaders of organised small sided football, world renowned refereeing officials and multi-sport coaches who all have decades of experience at the top level in this industry. Their feedback and comments as well as at grassroots level for a variety of sports has all lead to Quick Pitch being the number one product in temporary mobile pitch marking.

Using the Quick Pitch pitch marking system
A pitch being marked out
Youth playing football with the Quick Pitch system

Our Vision

Our aim at Quick Pitch is to encourage, inspire and promote sport through our products making it more accessible for people of all ages and abilities. It might be a sport you have been playing for years or maybe you would like to try something new. With Quick Pitch nobody gets left behind!

Making our business the best it can possibly be is something we take great pride in and will strive to create a better sporting experience for future generations. So next time you think of sport remember to Pull, Peg, Play.