2 Unit Rugby Pitch Bundle Kit

Kit Contains: 2 Quick Pitch Units, 20 Bridge Pegs, 1 Winding Handle, 1 Carry Bag, 1 Rugby ball, 10 Training Bibs, 1 Bib Bag


Rugby has never been so much fun! This kit is complete with x2 Quick Pitch Units along with x1 size 5 Rugby ball, 10 training bibs and a bib bag. Here is a fun game you can play- Three-Team Touch: Divide your players into three teams and set up a small-sided game with modified rules. Each team must maintain possession for a certain number of passes before they can score a try. This drill encourages quick passing, decision-making, and support play. Remember to adjust the intensity and complexity of the drills based on the skill level and experience of your players. Always prioritise safety and ensure proper warm-up and cool-down routines are followed.