6 Unit Rugby Pitch Bundle Kit

Kit Contains: 6 Quick Pitch Units, 60 Bridge Pegs, 3 Winding Handles, 2 Carry Bags, 3 Rugby balls, 20 Training Bibs, 1 Bib Bag


Rugby has never been so much fun! This kit is complete with x6 Quick Pitch Units along with x3 size 5 Rugby ball, 20 training bibs and a bib bag. A larger kit for more players, try these fun games- Rugby League Nines: Similar to Rugby Sevens, Nines is a variant of rugby league with nine players per team instead of the usual 13. It focuses on speed, agility, and quick passing, making it an excellent game for skill development and fitness. Or, Rugby Sevens: Sevens is a variant of rugby played with seven players per team instead of the traditional 15. It’s a fast-paced game that requires quick decision-making, speed, agility, and excellent ball-handling skills. Sevens is a popular format at the international level and in many social and club tournaments. Remember to adjust the intensity and complexity of the drills based on the skill level and experience of your players. Always prioritise safety and ensure proper warm-up and cool-down routines are followed.