Medium Pro Training Kit

Kit Contains: 2 Quick Pitch Units, 20 Bridge pegs, 2 Winding Handles, 1 Carry Bag, 2 Agility Ladders, 50 Multi Coloured Training Cones, 10 Training Bibs, 1 Bib Bag


These tools help improve agility, footwork, and speed. Set up cone drills and ladder drills to enhance your acceleration, change of direction, and overall agility on the field. By using cones as markers, players can improve their spatial awareness and positional sense. Coaches can set up cones to represent teammates or opponents, teaching players to maintain proper spacing, make accurate passes, and anticipate movements on the field. Overall, the benefits of using training cones and agility ladders are- improved agility, speed, dribbling, ball control, spatial awareness, shooting accuracy, coordination, balance, and cognitive skills. They are versatile training tools that can be used in a wide range of drills and exercises to enhance a player’s overall performance in any sport.