Quick Pitch – 4 Weighted Sandbags


Our custom made sandbags work wonders on artificial pitch surfaces, 3G and 4G in particular. Each unit comes with x4 weighted sandbags and can be placed through the looped end of the marker tape, using the smallest velcro section on the back of the sandbag, down the length of the marker tape using the larger velcro section also situated on the underside of the sandbag. Use this same length of velcro to loop it over the folded corner section and pull it tight to create a 90o degree angle. Finally the sandbag can also be placed on top of the marker tape to keep it flat and in place. The combination of weight and tension from the sandbag firmly holds the tape in place.
Take a look at our artificial marking kits that include the Quick Pitch Units. (Please note that our sandbags are supplied empty and ready for you to fill with your own choice of sand or gravel).