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Want some more information about Quick Pitch and how it works? Have a read through our list of popular questions and answers. If there’s something you need to know that isn’t covered here please get in touch.

Is the marking tape a trip hazard?

No, the marking tape is securely held down using bridge pegs specifically designed for Quick Pitch products. Insert the pegs down the length of the marking tape at a recommended distance of 5 paces between each peg. Depending on the size of the pitch or surface its being played on you may choose to have them placed closer together or further away ensuring pegs are pushed down securely.

Has the product passed safety regulations

Yes, we can confirm the product is safe to use for its intended purpose of marking out a wide variety of sports on multiple surfaces. The product can be used by all ages and can be set up or put away by children aged 5 and over. The product has been examined by the global leader in testing, inspection and certification services.

What is the largest pitch size I can make?

Each Quick Pitch kit comes as 1, 2, 4 or 6 units to make anything up to a full size pitch for larger sports such as Football (11v11) and American Football (11v11). The modular design of the product allows you to simply attach one unit to the next creating a straight line or at the side to create a right angle. Each unit holds 60 yards of marking tape with a black line on the tape every 10 yards so you can have a consistent pitch size each time.

Does the product work on any surface?

The Quick Pitch product is mainly suited for grass, sand, snow and hard mud surfaces but can be used on artificial turf and indoors. The bridge pegs are used on the majority of pitches but for artificial turf and indoor use we would recommend using weighted sand bags to keep the marking tape securely in place. For harder ground we can supply metal bridge pegs instead.

We are constantly striving to improve the products and service we provide to the world of sport so will continue to innovate and add to our brand. Be sure to keep an eye out for new products in the future.

Does the Quick Pitch product come with instructions?

Yes we provide a simple guide to help set up the product. It’s our slogan of ‘Pull, Peg, Play’ with a little more detail added to give the user an easy to understand breakdown of different pitch or court sizes to suit the sport of your choice.

Will the marker tape get dirty

The pitch marking tape is made of polypropylene webbing. It’s a strong, light duty, easy to clean webbing used in various outdoor applications including sporting goods. The material also repels water, is mildew resistant and low stretch. The size of the exit slot for the tape is only 2mm wider than the tape itself so any debris will be brushed off when it is reeled in or pulled out. 

What are your shipping and returns policies?

We offer a 14-day guarantee on all purchases that entitles you to a full refund or item exchange, unless your return is deemed to have been intentionally damaged or made faulty. Beyond the 14-day guarantee period, we can only accept returns that have a genuine manufacturing fault.

You can read more information about our shipping and returns information here.

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